Recommended Read – The Purity Myth

My lovely humans, if you were intrigued by the notion that virginity is in fact a heteronormative social construct, then this is a book for YOU!

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Delusions of… Grandeur, I guess?

I saw a photo of myself at a networking event, and my first thought was THIS IS NOT GOOD. I look enormous. And I was confused, because I don’t *feel* enormous, and I don’t see myself that way when I look in the mirror. I was genuinely confused: my brain was having a proper “does…

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Well, that’s an awkward search history…

Dear few who read this blog, I must share with you a little story I heard earlier this evening. My MFEOBFF (made for each other best friend forever) and I met for a little dinner and a catch up this evening. After a lot of dinner, the Mandy Moo shared with me that today she…

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Of *course* someone has invented a VR/AI sex toy for men.

Now, I respect everyone’s right to get their rocks off, but I think the way this new sex toy is being marketed is perhaps a touch too “woke”.

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Forgive my fuzziness, I forgot to care.

“Oh, god, I’m sorry – I completely forgot to shave my legs. I’m single at the moment, so it’s just not been on my radar. Please excuse my fuzziness.”

Can you guess who I said this to?

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Grilled Lemon Chicken with wholegrains

Healthy, light, quick and easy!

Delicious grilled lemon chicken on a bed of mixed wholegrains and veggies.

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