Tumeric Latte

This is one of my favourite tasty treats!

I’ve recently discovered that hot dairy milk does TERRIBLE things to me, with almost immediate effect, so I like to use almond milk as an alternative (so accidentally hipster it hurts).

I also add some raw cacao powder for an extra hit of iron, as among other things, I’m mildly anaemic.

These lattes are great as an anti-inflammatory, and they take the edge off my morning hunger rage, as on my 16:8 plan I don’t get to eat breakfast before 10am.

You will need:

Ground turmeric

Ground ginger

Ground cinnamon


Milk (almond milk, or dairy milk, whichever you tolerate the best!)

Raw cocoa powder (optional extra)


I have a Dualit milk frother, which I bloody love. You can use a traditional milk pan to heat your milk, but you’ll need to give it a good whisk to make it nice and frothy.

Step 1 – heat & froth your milk.

Step 2 – add ¼ teaspoon of the ground spices to the milk

Step 3 – whisk it all together

Step 4 – add honey to sweeten

Step 5 – if you’re going for the cocoa, add it now!

Step 6 – drink and enjoy feeling virtuous and slightly hipster