Social media influencers give bad diet and fitness advice eight times out of nine, research reveals

People who wish to lose weight have been warned to stay away from social media influencers who claim to have the latest diet fix, researchers say.

A study by a team at University of Glasgow found that just one out of nine leading UK bloggers making weight management claims actually provided accurate and trustworthy information.

The health researchers studied the country’s most popular influencers, based on those who had more than 80,000 followers on at least one social media site, verification from at least two sites such as Twitter, and who had an active weight management blog.

An interesting article on social media influencers and valid nutritional advice.

Read the full article here.

I think the best thing to do is to test what works for you, and if you’re in doubt, go to see your GP and request a session with a qualified nutritionist or dietitian. ⠀

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