Carbs are not the root of all evil. It’s pasta, not murder.

Pretty much the first advice that came up when I was researching PCOS was:

  • Cut out carbs
  • Cut out gluten
  • Cut out sugar
  • Cut out dairy

What the hell does that even leave you with?!

“Here, you have this hormonal condition that is going to make things pretty tough for you, but on the plus side, you can never eat your favourite foods ever again!”

Uh… f*** that for a game of croquet.

Please, please don’t make yourself miserable by not allowing yourself to eat the foods you love. This only lead to bingeing, and the guilt spiral that comes afterwards because you “ate something wrong”.

Unless you are actually allergic to any of the above, eating said foods in moderation will not kill you.

If you are struggling with your diet, talk to your GP. They can refer you to a qualified nutritionist who can help you to figure out what works best for YOUR body.

Image via @nude_nutritionist