Behind the Scenes at OMO

A little behind the scenes glimpse for you!

This is me, at my desk, on my fourth cup of coffee, and putting together some more PCOS factoids for all you gorgeous specimens who are following Oh My Ovaries.

I created Oh My Ovaries to be a place where women (and men!) could find out more about PCOS. I’m not a qualified medical professional, but I really want to create a space where everyone can ask questions about this chronically under-diagnosed condition, and the impact it can have on our lives.

I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 31, after having had an ultrasound (with the wand, when I had the WORST UTI I have ever experienced) to confirm that I had Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (for the second time in 12 months).

I was so ill that I couldn’t pee without both crying and vomiting. I couldn’t stand upright for about two weeks. I was on three different courses of antibiotics for three weeks. And then once my infection had cleared up, I got the news: I have PCOS.

I was a mixture of gutted and relieved. Relieved because I finally had an explanation for my rapid and unstoppable weight gain, and the acne that spread from my neck to my knee caps, that had been taking over my life in the 12 months I’d been off the Pill.

I was gutted because my first thought was that I’m infertile. The second was that I’m doomed to develop type 2 diabetes.

The wonderful Dr M has been helping me to manage my insulin resistance so that I don’t become diabetic. And when the time comes that I want to start trying for a baby, I know she’ll help me through that too.

I want Oh My Ovaries to be a place where you can find factual information alongside a personal story. I want to show you how I am managing PCOS, and I really want to hear how you’re managing all things gynae, from PCOS, to pregnancy, to endometriosis, to some good ol’ sexy fun times!

Because the most important thing that I want this space to do is to show you that you are NOT alone.