Too much hustle

Anyone else suffering from too much HUSTLE?⁠

When did working yourself into the ground become such a noble calling?⁠

There’s nothing wrong with working hard, but what about resting hard? ⁠

Is the world going to end because you took a two hour lunch break instead of 20 minutes? ⁠

You probably know by now that I have fibromyalgia. And while that generally sucks, the best thing to come out of it is that I’ve had to learn how to listen to my body, and to rest when I need to.⁠

Sure, half the time I feel like a little old lady when I know I have to nap immediately or risk losing days of productivity instead of a couple of hours.⁠

But also, I’m learning how to slow down. It’s kind of nice knowing that I can’t do EVERYTHING all at once. I’ve lost that sense of expectation for myself.⁠

You know, the feeling of “just keep going, push a bit harder, just a few more hours”.⁠

I literally can’t do that anymore.

And yes, sometimes that sucks when I have lots to do, or I’m on a roll and want to keep going, or when I realise that I haven’t cleaned my bathroom for a month. 

But I can’t. And that’s totally ok. My energy bandwidth has changed. Now, instead of doing loads of things that I either kinda want to do, or actually don’t really want to do but feel I should anyway, I get to prioritise the things that I REALLY want to do.⁠

Fibromyalgia has kind of become my get out of jail free card.⁠

“Oh, you want me to go skydiving with you this weekend? I can’t, I have fibromyalgia and I really need to rest.”⁠

That’s a direct quote, FYI⁠






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