I broke up with my Coil.

It was like, really, really mean to me.

My flirtation with the Mirena Coil DID NOT GO WELL.

I got an infection when it was inserted, which developed into Pelvic Inflammation Disease.

I went back to the doctor, and got two weeks of uber antibiotics to clear the infection.

Over the next twelve months, sex was PAINFUL.

I’d already experienced vaginismus, and I was freaking out that it was coming back.

I was in a relationship now, and I really, really didn’t want to have to quit sex. I’d been having the best sex of my life, and no way was I going to give that up. I’d worked too damn hard (tee hee) to get to this point.

But I still put up with recurring infections and UTIs and thrush for twelve months, because I really wanted the coil to work out for me. I was already taking so many different forms of medication, that I thought eliminating the need for the Pill would be helpful.

The second time I got PID (or possibly it was a continuation of the first time and it had never properly cleared up) I was so, so ill.

I can’t even imagine how endo sisters cope, because this completely floored me. In fact, Dr M. sent me for an ultrasound to see if I had endometriosis, or if the coil had actually perforated my uterus.

The day of my ultrasound, I had the worst UTI of my life.

I was literally leaking blood and pus. It was gross, and I did not feel good.

The ultrasound showed free fluid in my abdomen, a sign of infection. I went straight from the hospital to my GP surgery, where I had to sit (ouch) and wait for an appointment.

I finally got to see a GP (not the marvellous Dr M. sadly) and was prescribed three different antibiotics to clear the infection. I asked him to remove the coil, because I was sure that was what causing the infections.

He said no.

I had a follow up appointment with a different GP three days later. I again asked for the coil to be removed.

He said no. We should leave it in and see if things settled down.

I said I would give it one more week, but then if they wouldn’t remove it, I’d rip it out myself. I was that desperate.

I had another follow up appointment, this time with Dr M. Thank God.

Within minutes, she was removing my coil, whilst telling me how much she liked my knee high socks.

She didn’t even need to use the tool – just told me to cough, and hey presto! It was gone. It went into a medical waste bin, and hopefully it was killed with fire. Not that I’m bitter…

This was eight months ago, and I haven’t had any infections since.

Sadly, the coil and I just weren’t compatible.

Ours was a brief relationship that turned sour very quickly.
The Pill and I got back together shortly after my break up with the coil, and honestly, I am a lot happier for it.