Well, that’s an awkward search history…

Dear few who read this blog, I must share with you a little story I heard earlier this evening.

My MFEOBFF (made for each other best friend forever) and I met for a little dinner and a catch up this evening.

After a lot of dinner, the Mandy Moo shared with me that today she had to explain an unfortunate Amazon search to her office’s IT department.

You see, the Mandy Moo doesn’t really do Christmas, so her tattooed beauty of a colleague insisted that they get dressed up for Halloween – she would dress as a witch, and Mandy Moo would dress as a cat.

This naturally led to some costume related searching.

The Mandy Moo came across a costume set, complete with tail, ears, and a little collar. Though very pleased with her find (“it even has a little collar!”) she was not entirely sure how said tail should be worn, so she clicked through to the full description and images.

Lo and behold, this was indeed an ADULT cat costume. Can you guess how you’re supposed to wear the tail?

Cue a slightly awkward phone call to IT to explain that she’d just accidentally used a work computer to look at butt plugs…

Oh, and FYI – it’s not eligible for Amazon Prime. Bugger?